Kevin & Melissa have over 20 years of experience in both Residential and Commercial Construction in Idaho. Kevin, a Treasure Valley Native, has been a Foreman, Superintendent, or General Contractor on hundreds of projects covering a span over 20 years. Prominent Homes Specializes in both Custom and Spec Homes in the state of Idaho. They understand that a Home is unique in personality and style; to its owner.

This customer-centric focus is a big value to buyers looking to have their dream home constructed. The experience of building in one area, for a long period, cannot be overstated in terms of value. Kevin has specific, first-hand knowledge of the unique challenges and hot button issues surrounding our local construction industry.

A Truly Unique Experience

Prominent Homes specializes in custom homes bringing a unique look, experience and feel to each home. We work with clients to create the perfect home to fit their style, needs and budget. We think outside of the box when it comes to construction, to put each client in a one of a kind custom home and make sure they have a great experience building. We have the skills to give you a home of your dreams!